MiniNaNo report card: NaNoWriMo success!

For the first time since I learned about NaNoWriMo, I’ve set a goal and completed it. 🎉

As I wrote about at the start of this project, I love the idea of National Novel Writing Month, but daily writing, especially in busy November, has just never worked for me.

But it did this month.

I wrote 10,605 words—words that otherwise might not have made it into my draft without MiniNano.

In true Andy form, I misread the goal number as 1,167 instead of 1,667. (I am bad at math.)

So I was behind at first. Correct that: There’s no such thing as behind when you’re making progress!

And even though I had travel and a family visit and hosting Thanksgiving and other work this month, I found the six days, and I wrote on each of those days.

I’m so grateful to the novelist Andrea Bartz, who not only proposed this idea on Threads, but followed through with a lot of support: a tracking template and a broadcast channel on Instagram with prompts and questions and reminders we were doing this in community.

Now I’m thinking about how to extend this method and make it a regular thing.

During the month, 1,667 words felt difficult to write in one sitting, which is maybe my fault for trying to write 1,667 words in one sitting!

I could try:

  • 500 words, five times a week? That still feels daunting.
  • 500 words, 15 times a month? Same.
  • 1,000 words, 10 times a month? That feels more doable.
  • 777 words, 7 times a month, just to capitalize on lucky 7?

Since December is another month that tends to evaporate, I’ll play with these options this month, and then set a goal for January.

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