The journalist-public relations dance

Covering the entertainment industry offers the possibility of working with publicists, who can help provide information and access. I value the relationships I’ve established and the reporting I’ve done with their assistance, but it’s a quirky system I’m still learning to navigate.

On May 19, I’ll be talking to a group from the Florida Public Relations Association about the role of those professionals in my work. The talk is titled “A Freelancer’s Reality: PR Lessons from Covering Television,” and it’s open to the public, though tickets are required.

Details about the event are at the FPRA Volusia/Flagler chapter’s web site.

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Interviews with people involved in reality television

In January, I spent time in Los Angeles at the Television Critics Association press tour, and while I was there, I interviewed many people about the reality TV shows they host, produce, created, star in, and/or write about.

Here are five of those interviews—plus one, with Bachelor spoiler Steve Carbone, that I conducted before leaving for L.A. Enjoy!

  1. Matt Iseman explains Team Ninja Warrior’s speed, his enthusiasm’s origin
  2. How Discovery’s Killing Fields is being produced in real time
  3. Why The Profit Marcus Lemonis needed to spin-off The Partner
  4. Two Oscar winners and an Emmy winner on Oscar doc sexism
  5. Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss on diversity, UnREAL, Ben Higgins
  6. How and why Reality Steve spoils The Bachelor


When producers and a journalist talk

One of the highlights of my 17 days in Los Angeles—where I was attending and reporting from the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour—was being a guest on a reality TV production company’s podcast. We talked about this crazy and amazing genre of television, and also about my past criticism of one of their shows. Altogether, a great conversation.

Afterwards, I interviewed them about their podcast, which I’d been a fan of long before they invited me on as a guest. Listen on any podcast app (it’s episode #48 of The Jay and Tony Show Show) or at the end of my story.