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An anniversary, and three recommendations, plus a way to really stay up to date

First, I just realized it’s been 10 months since I updated the updates part of the web site, which perhaps I should rename to “occasional news.”

While I don’t update this part of my site that much, I do send a weekly newsletter with links to my writing and also newsletter-only content, so if you like updates, you should subscribe here; it’s free!

On to the actual updates!

Last week, reality blurred turned 19. That number seems so large I can’t quite fathom what happened to those years, though I’m thankful I don’t have to pay for its college education.

I’m really enjoying—and recommend!—these three summer reality shows: Holey Moley, Love Island, and Press Your Luck.

A few other recent highlights:

Three magazine articles, one cheesy appearance

I’ve published three stories recently:

What’s wrong with reality TV?

The genre known as reality TV is suffering from a lack of breakout hits. Why? It comes down to one word: fear.

I explored that in a long feature story, which appeared on the cover of The Los Angeles Times’ Sunday Calendar section:

And there are some outtakes that didn’t make it into the piece in a follow-up piece I wrote for reality blurred:

Lifetime’s UnReal may have been a one-season wonder

One of my favorite scripted shows last year was Lifetime’s UnReal, which used the setting of a Bachelor-like show to satirize reality television and tell soapy stories starring two strong female protagonists.

When it returned for a second season, the show had lots its way, and the first season seemed like a distant memory. I wrote about that, and my review was cited in a Variety Q&A with UnReal’s creators.

Read the story, and let me know what you think, of my take and season two:


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