what I’m doing now

What I’m working on and doing now, updated in July 2023. (This page is inspired by Derek Sivers.)

walking in the heat

I’ve been starting most days—I aim for 5 of 7 days a week—taking a 2.5-mile walk. It wakes me up and also makes me feel productive, even if I spend too much time later in the day watching TikTok.

Now that it’s summer in Florida, that’s more challenging, especially if I start when the sun is out. But for now, I’m still doing it!

working, still, on my book

I’ve been working on a book about reality TV, and my work as the world’s first reality TV critic, since the mid-2000s.

It’s evolved into memoir that’s part cultural criticism, part literary journalism as I get off my couch and go behind-the-scenes of the reality TV shows that shaped me—and our world.

I’ve recently figured out the book’s designing principle, a phrase I learned from Leigh Stein: I’m organizing it by reality TV show, which seems obvious but wasn’t for a long time!

publishing reality blurred

Every week, I publish reviews, recaps, reporting, and other types of writing that don’t start with the letter R.

I created an LLC two years ago, in part to help me expand what I can do with reality blurred, and am currently thinking about ways to add other voices—and, of course, pay them for their work!

not teaching undergrads

After 20 nonstop years of teaching writing to undergraduates at Stetson University, and a lot of burnout, I took the 2022-2023 academic year off as unpaid leave, as I was not eligible for sabbatical. (Ah,

During that time, I decided to resign my position to focus on my writing, coaching writers one-on-one and other projects.

I did, however, commit to giving myself this year without adding anything new. So while I have ideas for podcasts, collaborations, and other expansions, I’m trying to be intentional and not rush right back into burnout!