My coverage of the Duggars

I wrote several things about the news related to the Duggar family. These are the kinds of stories I’d rather not write–it’s important to cover, yes, but mostly I’d rather the victims have never experienced any of what led to all of this.

My coverage, below, was cited in the media, including on Vox and in The Oregonian.

SPJ Sunshine State Awards

I’m a finalist for an SPJ award

I’m thrilled to be a finalist for a Society for Professional Journalists’ Sunshine State Award in the long form blog writing category for my work on reality blurred.

I’m also the only finalist in the category, so if I lose to myself, that’ll be awkward.

My writing was previously recognized by the Florida Pro chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists when it won the award for magazine feature reporting, so I’m very grateful to have my work selected for recognition again.